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Instead of spending time driving to a stationary car wash let our services come to you! As a mobile operation, Eden Auto Groom handles all car washing needs while giving users the freedom to spend their time as they please. Customers can continue their day undistracted, keep their workday intact, or simply sit back and relax as our operators take care of their vehicle.


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Phone:    (818) 425 6561

Operating Location:    Pasadena, CA

Operating Hours:  Monday-Sunday    8:00 – 5:30*

*Closing time is seasonal

Pasadena's premier mobile steam wash & detailing! 818 425 6561
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On the Go
At your service, anytime, anyplace

As a mobile operation, our convenient services are here to save you time in your busy day.

Premium Products
Only the best for our customers

With years of industry experience, we've developed a process that incorporates safe, top-quality car products.

Superior Technology
the power of steam

Our steam technology provides a safer wash that allows for better location access with zero water runoff.

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(818) 425-6561

  • The Essential
    $40 ($45 - SUV/Van)
  • $5 discount for 2 cars --- $10 discount for 3+
  • Exterior Steam Wash
  • Liquid Wax Application
  • Basic Bug & Sap Removal
  • Wheel Cleaning & Tire Dressing
  • Floor Mat Steaming
  • Interior Vacuuming
  • Vent Dusting
  • Basic Interior Wipedown
  • Windows - Interior & Exterior
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  • Steam Purification
    $85 ($100 - SUV/Van)
    Interior Mini-detail
  • Our bestseller!
  • Full Interior Steam Sterilization
  • Interior Steam Detailing
  • *NOTE: Does not include stain removal or deep scrubbing
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  • Exterior Refinement
    $125 ($150 - SUV/Van)
    Exterior Detail
  • Full Bug & Tar Removal
  • Clay Bar Treatment
  • Paint Sealant Application
  • Aero Wax Application
  • Plastic Trim Reconditioning
  • Exterior Detailing
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  • Interior Refinement
    $145 ($170 - SUV/Van)
    Interior Detail
  • Upholstery Shampoo
  • Leather Cleaning & Reconditioning
  • Interior Plastic Reconditioning
  • Interior Detailing
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What We Do

As a mobile car wash and detail, Eden Auto Groom provides not only a time saving and convenient way to take care of one of your most prized possessions but also a personalized customer experience. We believe in taking care of cars as well as their drivers.

Steam: Why is it Better?
Why Not Stationary Washes...
...or Other Mobile Washes?
  • Our operators utilize a new, innovative steamer specifically calibrated for safe use on the most delicate of car surfaces. Steam aids in the safe removal of tough contaminants such as tree sap and bird droppings without the risk of scratching.

    Steam also allows us to clean an entire vehicle with less than a gallon of water. Zero water runoff helps leave the ground is virtually dry after each wash. This technology allows our operators better location access without violation of the city water ordinance.

    The interior steam purification service provides the sterilization of all car surfaces and air vents. This is extremely important considering billions of different, harmful bacteria can be found in most car interiors.

  • Stationary car wash facilities simply use too much water (100-150 gallons per wash!) They also operate like an impersonal assembly line and lack careful attention to detail. Often these facilities work with overused rags that can cause scratches.

  • Other mobile car washes such as waterless and powerwashes either use too much water or not enough. Waterless methods lack proper lubrication and run the risk of scratching, while powerwashes require water reclamation systems that take time to set up and have limited city access.

We Pride Ourselves on Quality Service and Customer Satisfaction

Our practice is based on one idea: refinement. In every aspect of our company, from the quality of our work to our relationships with our clients, we believe in pushing ourselves to the finest of our ability. We never compromise our standards and always strive to live up to expectations. Our goal is to always better ourselves and our work in order to provide the best mobile service available.

  • Refining Your Car
    Refinement is the process of removing impurities. From our basic car wash to our full detail, our operators specialize in the aesthetic treatment of your vehicle while our steam wash technology purges your car’s surfaces of all contaminants. At Eden Auto Groom, our hope is to restore your car back to its purest form.
  • Refining Your Time
    Instead of spending time driving to a stationary car wash let our services come to you! As a mobile operation, Eden Auto Groom handles all car washing needs while giving users the freedom to spend their time as they please. Customers can continue their day undistracted, keep their workday intact, or simply sit back and relax as our operators take care of their vehicle.
  • The Essential
    Our basic wash, THE ESSENTIAL, includes several services beyond a regular car wash such as: Liquid wax, carpet steam sterilization, bug and tar removal, tire dressings, full vent dusting, and a complete interior wipedown.

Our Work

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